2018 Men's Retreat Gear List


●  Tent - get the best tent you can afford, but don’t break the bank. Just don’t bring an old school heavy tent that will take up half your canoe, you will regret it. Make sure you have a rain fly.

●  Tent stakes.

●  Sleeping bag - you will want a 30 - 50 degree bag (in that range). Again, the best you can afford, the more packable and smaller the better.

●  Pack pillow - a luxury, but worthy investment for a good nights rest.

●  Folding chair.

●  Sleeping mat.

●  Roll-A-Table - optional, and not needed from every person, but having several in camp are always clutch and they serve as great garage and back yard spots to put stuff.

●  Dry bag - you need AT LEAST ONE 70 liter dry bag or bigger per canoe; this is for your temp, sleep bags, clothes, etc. I do suggest an additional 10-20 liter bag for smaller items needing to be kept dry.

●  Headlamps - essential.

●  Hard Coolers - YETI 45 is the smallest, YETI 110 is the biggest (but very heavy). For those without YETI’s, you must have one large reliable cooler per canoe, sufficient to hold the food for meals, does not have to be a YETI.

●  Soft Coolers - suggested for drinks needing to be readily available, ESP when the fish are bitin’!

●  Camera.

●  Batteries.

●  Wet Wipes / Toiletries.

●  Water Bottle.

●  Moisture wicking camp towel.

●  Sunscreen.

●  camp rope.

●  hand saw.

●  eating utensils.

●  hand sanitizer.



●  “Quick Dry” clothes are a must. NO straight cotton except around the campfire.

●  Rain Jacket.

●  River shoes - take me serious on this. Shoes can make or break a trip. You need some type of river specific sandal. Chaco / Keen / Merrel / something actually made for the river.


●  Camp boots - these should be close toed, and kept in a dry bag for you to change into around the evening campfire.

●  Camp Clothes - whatever you want to wear dry around camp.

●  Socks.

●  Underwear.

●  Hat.

●  Polarized Sunglasses - floating lanyard attached is highly recommended. (think Croakies)

●  Medications.

●  Warm jacket - can get cold on the river at night.

●  Bandana’s / BUFF’s.



●  Arkansas non-resident 3 day fishing license

●  6’ - 6.5’ Medium rods are preferred - you will lose a ton of fish if you fish “ultra lights”, although you can still fish them, I just prefer a stiffer rod for hard fighting fish and better hook sets!

●  Spinning reels

●  8 - 10 lb 100% fluorocarbon line (depending what’s best for your rod and reel). HINT: make sure your reel can support 8 lb line. If you show up with deep sea gear you will not have a good time.

●  1/8 oz tube jigs.

●  2 3/4” salt tubes - any color version of green pumpkin / watermelon / puke / copper flake.

●  A can of “Reel Magic” - can be found at any Academy / Bass Pro / etc. you will be glad you have this.

●  Hemostats - these fish get hungry, and will def swallow your hook.

●  Nail clippers / scissors / anything to cut line with.

●  Small waterproof tackle box to keep your fishing supplies handy - DON’T bring your dads 1965 Plano tackle box that’s the size of my nightstand and has every crank bait ever made in it, there’s no room for it!